Every new home starts by being empty.
You can help fill it with needed Move-in-Essentials

When a Veteran leaves a shelter or transitional housing and moves to a permanent residence they don’t have the basic household items needed to set up their new home. Items we take for granted such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene products and more are needed. By conducting a Move-in-Essential collection drive at your house of worship, school, business or civic organization you’ll help make the Veteran’s new residence a “home”. Reach out to your VA facility contact person about ways you can help support Veterans in your community. Military Outreach USA has worked with VA facilities to develop this suggested list of items.

Ways you can partner with us to help

Planning a Collection Drive:

  1. Set a date.
  2. So that your VA facility knows you are conducting a collection drive please complete this planning form.
  3. Collect donations.
  4. Have volunteers deliver donations to VA Facility.
  5. Make sure to submit your donation form with your items to receive a letter from the VA acknowledging your tax deductible gift.

To learn more about how to conduct a collection drive download this planning guide.

Planned Events

Military Outreach USA has a number of “themed” events over the course of the year. As with any event make sure to coordinate with your local VA facility to advise them that you are conducting a collection event.

Help Our Heroes

This event can be community wide for a month or only for a day or two. The time-frame to collect Move-in-essential items can take place between Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Make a Difference

This event is ideal for schools as it coincides with Make A Difference Day. Typically Move-in-Essentials are collected. October 28th.

Honor Our Veterans (11-11-11 Project)

Taking place during the month of November leading up to Veterans Day this event is ideal for schools and organizations looking for ways to support Veterans who need help. Typically Move-in-Essentials are collected.

What if just once a year an organization in your community did a collection drive of Move in Essentials?

Are there 12 organizations in your community that could participate in a donation drive to help our Veterans exiting homelessness?

All it takes is for a few local leaders to reach out into their community and launch the initiative.

Just one month a year is all that is asked. Just once a year when the people in an organization bring in donations for Veterans in need.

And what is the potential?

If 12 participated and each collected just 2,000 items that would be more than 24,000 items donated per year.

Now imagine if it were two a month!

Add to the above schools, civic groups, Veteran service organizations and houses of worship and no Veteran exiting homelessness would ever go without cleaning supplies, towels, hygiene or person care items.

“Adopt Your VA Now!”

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