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Moral Injury in our veterans and active duty personnel is just being recognized but it has been with us since Biblical times. Moralinjury.info provides information and suggestions on dealing with this invisible wound of war.

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Military Outreach USA has updated its Blog Page.  Follow us for articles affecting those in or Military Community.

Who is Military Outreach USA and What is on this Site?

Military Outreach USA is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit which  exists to encourage, engage, educate and equip individuals, churches and organizations throughout the nation to provide a support role to our military community comprised of our military (active duty, guard, and reserves), veterans, and their families who are impacted by the visible and invisible wounds of military service.  Our services are provided at no charge to any Military Caring Church or Organization regardless of spiritual orientation, religious preference, race, or gender. This site provides information, resources and links to key materials and agencies that provide assistance to those in our Military Community.

PTSD, Moral Injury, Suicide, and Veteran Benefits are just some of the topics on which resources are provided.

The key to reaching those in our Military Community is through our national network of Military Caring Churches and Organizations. Consider becoming part of this network so that your church or organization can serve those who have served us.